Masterpiece Forum in Public Health


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Programm Lageplan

Thursday, 25 August 2011, 16.00-17.30
Basel, Kollegiengebäude

An important part of new knowledge production in public health is currently taking place within postgraduate studies. The SSPH+ wishes to acknowledge this contribution with a special session and a prize for the best contribution.




Welcome by Prof. Fred Paccaud (SSPH+)


Oral presentation of the five best master theses:


Bähler Caroline / MPH
Smoking is associated with lower age at first myocardial infarction; this association is stronger in women compared to men


Labhardt Niklaus / MAS in International Health
Task shifting to non-physician clinicians for integrated management of hypertension and diabetes in rural Cameroon: a programme assessment at two years


Egger Martin / MPH
Reduction of urinary catheter use and antibiotic prescriptions for urinary tract infection – before-after intervention study


Zaugg Claudio / MAS in International Health
Improving Health Technology Management: Development of a model for the implementation of an essential information system for medical devices in low- and middle-income countries


Hug Kerstin / MPH
Parental occupational exposure to extremely-low frequency magnetic fields and childhood cancer


A jury consisting of Muriel Bochud, Stefan Felder, Rolf Heusser and Elisabeth Marty-Tschumi, will evaluate the oral presentations. The three best presenters will be awarded during the evening program. Awards are funded by SSPH+.

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